Adhitia Sofyan

Adhitia Sofyan (35) is a singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Writing and recording acoustic tunes in his bedroom was just a hobby back in 2007. And then, his hobby turned into a music career when he sent some of his songs to Nubuzz Chart at Prambors Radio, a local popular radio station. His two songs, Adelaide Sky and Memilihmu went to number one on the top chart and thus was the start of his journey.

So far, music has taken him to perform in various musical events and presented him with numerous surprising feats. ICEMA (Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Awards) awarded him Favorite Solo Artists and Favorite Solo Singer-Songwriter in 2010. His songs have been chosen as original sound track for several Indonesian movies. He has been invited to perform in Singapore several times, one of them was at the well-known Mosaic Music Festival in the Esplanade in 2011. He completed a ten day tour in Japan, performing in Kobe, Kamakura, Fukuoka and Tokyo.


I’m Not Getting Any Slimmer, So Here We Go…”

Adhitia Sofyan’s first (limited) EP.

Recorded at the end of 2007 in his bedroom, these are Adhitia’s first recorded songs. Later on in early 2008, this EP was send to a local radio station in Jakarta where they played some of the songs on an indie chart. Adelaide Sky and Memilihmu went on to number 1 on Prambors’ Nubuzz Indie Chart. In 2009 Adelaide Sky went on as a soundtrack for KambingJantan The Movie, first film by Indonesia’s famous young writer RadityaDika.

Track list : Adelaide Sky – In To You – Memilihmu – Reality – WYL.

Aditya Sofyan has recorded three albums: Quiet Down (2009), his debut album, Forget Your Plans (2010), and the recently released How To Stop Time (June 2013). His albums are sold and distributed in Japan.

Besides putting his CDs in music stores, Adhitia Sofyan provides his music online for free.