Dance Lab Community

Dance Lab Community is an art laboratory, initiated by choreographer Widyanarto, for local artists and art lovers to develop their creativity. Widyanarto combines the diversity of Indonesia’s culture and nature into movements, balancing between humanity and the natural world. His noteworthy works are: Senandung Rimba (the Song of the Jungle) depicting the beauty of his homeland, Bukit Dua Belas; Greged Gumregut, a story about farmers in Sleman, Sunaring Sekatini, inspired by RA Kartini, an emancipation heroine, Neo, portraying friendship between jungle people and their environment, Triloka, a dance about the journey of a man to his maker; Patoling Ragong Play Bapuncak, a dance performed annually on riverbank of Bedog river as part of an annual festival, Body 2 Body, a dialog of body movements, Rim-Ba (Jung-Le), depicting the life of a jungle tribe in Jambi; and Kandasmara, a colossal dance performed at Singapore Botanic Garden and Yogyakarta, a mini-drama reconstructed from a traditional folklore “Calong Arang”, enriched with animation and multimedia.

“Senandung Rimba" (The Song of the Jungle)

The sun smiles, beckoning people to wake up, leave their beds, and start their day, tapping sap from rubber tree in the jungle, managing and sustaining the life of the people and the jungle. Like a song, this dance sends its greeting to the jungle lord, thanking him for the bountiful blessing for life, livelihood and protection. The jungle, a symbol of harmony between the human and his world, is a partnership that protects and enriches each other. Through frank and honest body movement, freedom, gratitude and the power of the jungle are voiced by the dancers.

The jungle that hums, The jungle that sings, The jungle that dances, The jungle with power in its wisdom