Dewa Budjana

For Dewa Budjana, guitar is his soul mate, a reflection of pride and honor. Budjana and his guitar are inseparable.

I Dewa Gede Budjana is a musician and a member of Gigi band. A gifted child protégée, he taught himself to play guitar and sing. He moved to Surabaya and took classical music lessons while simultaneously playing in bands and moved to Jakarta to further his music career. In 1994, Dewa Budjana with Baron (guitar), Thomas (bass), Armand Maulana (vocal) and Ronald (drum) formed Gigi Band. From this band, Budjana became popular among music lovers in Indonesia. In addition to his career in Gigi, Budjana also released solo albums, namely Nusa Damai (1997), Gitarku (2000), Samsara (2003), and Home (2005). H also released a religious album titled Nyanyian Dharma in 1998. He wrote a book titled Gitarku, Hidupku, Kekasihku (My Guitar, My Life, My Lover) in 2009.


Taken from Home (2005) Sony Music, this song shows that there is a different dreamland for everybody “Temple Island” taken from the same album, this song describes Indonesia with its many temples.

"Dancing Tears"

Also from Home, this song was inspired by the Aceh tsunami disaster, using Saman dance rhythm to depict the sadness of the victims.

"Joged Kahyangan"

from his latest album with the same title (2013, Moonjune Records), and interpretation of a heavenly dance.


from Dawai in Paradise, 2012, DeMajors Records, inspired by his journey to Rishikesh. The basic track of this album was recorded in New Delhi and finished in Jakarta.

"On The Way Home"

From Home and Dawai in Paradise, the song tells about the journey to a place where one calls home. This song was created as a reflection of Budjana’s homesickness when he’s on a journey.