Endah N Rhesa

An Indonesian husband-wife duo musical project bring out folk, jazz, rock and roll, and ballad nuances through acoustic guitar, bass and vocal. Endah Widiastuti (vocal and guitar) and Rhesa Aditya (bass) started their duo in 2004 and received positive feedback ever since. After the release of their album, Nowhere to Go, an album with story-telling lyrics of life, love and friendship in 2009, they received Rookie of the Year 2010 award by Rolling Stone Indonesia Magazine and were awarded Best Alternative Album Production by Indonesian Music Award (AMI). The album sold 23.000 copies. Their subsequent album, Look What We’ve Found, released in 2010, presents African and Caribbean rhythm, opening imaginative vista of beach, jungle, mountain and tribal culture. The album sold 13.000 copies and the duo was awarded Best Performance for Alternative Artists for this album. Moreover, Rhesa was awarded Best Producer Alternative Album by Indonesian Music Award (AMI). Both albums are available on iTunes and melon.com in Korea.

Not only well known in Indonesia, Endah N Rhesa were invited to perform in Malaysia, Singapore and Kazakhstan in 2010 and 2011. The duo took part in Cita-Citaku Setinggi Tanah movie, release in October 2012, as music director. They now preparing for their third album, scheduled to be released in 2013.