Fitri Setyaningsih

Like many of her peers, Fitri graduated from one of the national arts academies (STSI, now the Institute of the Arts in Indonesia), in Surakarta. She firstly trained in Javanese dance but later develop a body of eclectic works that questions “the body” in contemporary dance. She now moves seamlessly between dance, visual arts and performance arts, she states “dance is not only an event of movement, but dance is moving towards becoming an even of media with body remains at its central axis”. With this in mind, Fitri integrates daily life, movement and objects. Fitri has been creating works since 2000. She has been awarded as one of the influential artists in Indonesia by TEMPO weekly newsmagazine in 2011. She is also the recipient of Empowering Women Artists commission from KelolaFoundation which enabled her to create two choreographies in two consecutive years. One of them, BintangHening (Muted, Sparkling Star) will be performed at IPAM Showcase (excerpt of 20 minutes).

Opening Performance

(EXCERPTS TAKEN FROM MENYERAP DAN MEMERASABSORBING AND SQUEEZING) Absorbing and squeezing, it is like a picnic in one’s own body.

(Taken From The Mood Of Bintang Hening Or ‘Muted, Sparkling Star’)

How does body approach distance: near, very near. Far, far away. And the weight: light, heavy, very heavy; small, tiny, big and large. How does it create something fluid, flowing, solid, wavy, slow, fast. How does body approach sound: whispering, inaudible, loud, boisterously loud. How does body trace a light path? All that seem to provide each own failure; and reversely, all that is open to wondrous possibilities thinkable occurring on the body.

A dancer’s body absorbs a technique informed by training, performing on stage, as well as daily life doing mundane routine. This is a technique that can not be simply erased since it is written on the body. It’s an asset. But when this technique has somehow disciplined the wondrous things of the body, it blinds the dancers’ own instinct. What if body is like a muted, sparkling star that creates imaginary orbits, burning itself to conjure energy, so it can live? It holds its wound as casualty to distance and difference. When that star explodes, is it only the star itself that explodes, or would its orbit explode too?

PERFORMERSChoreography: Fitri Setyaningsih Dancers :Danang Ramadhan,; David Bimo,Fitria Trisna, Hendro Sastro, Otniel Tasman, Widhi Astuti, Music:Sigit Pratama