Gus Teja World Music

Gus Teja World Music was founded by Agus Teja on April, 2008. This is an international music group based in Art Village, Ubud, Bali. Suling (Balinese flute) is used as the soul of their music, which is then combined with gamelan ensemble such as tingklik, slonding and kendang. To add modern flavour, they infuse their music with acoustic and bass guitar.

As a way of progress, Gus Teja World Music also puts various unique brass instruments such as native American flute, ocarina, hulusi, quena and pan flute to explore and expand their musical nuances. The group has successfully launched two albums in CD format: Rhythm of Paradise (2009) and Flutes for Love (2011). The group has also been invited to perform at national events as well at international events, such as in Malaysia and South Korea.

“Feel With Love”

A new, melodious composition, part of “Flutes for Love” album, which portrays the grandness and charisma of Mother Earth.


A song about hardworking farmers and fishermen, the heroes who provide for our food everyday.

“Morning Happiness”

Another new composition in “Rhythm of Paradise” album, familiar to Balinese people. It depicts mornings in Bali, with its green paddy fields, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine.


A collection of 3 traditional songs re-arranged by combining ethnical Balinese traditional touch with modern and dynamic rhythm.


A song inspired by the beauty of Indonesian culture and art.

“Bali Party”

A song about harvest time in Bali.


Composer: Agus Teja Sentosa (Agus Teja)