Is one of Indonesia's most well known female choreographer who has worked together with many high profile international artists.

A dance major graduate of Jakarta Institute of Art, she has created numerous solo choreography pieces, some of which had been named as the most important and active creations within the last decade of Indonesia's contemporary dance scene. Her masterpieces cover a wide spectrum of themes, from urban social problems, self reflection and critical views of society, human anatomy philosophy within a metropolitan society as well as gender issues.

Having been involved in the group of Gumarang Sakti led by Gusmiati Suid, in 1996 she was sent to attend a workshop of Asia Pacific Performance Exchange Program at the University of California in Los Angeles, USA. In 2000, she was chosen to participate as a visiting artist in New York for five months. In 2001, she was involved with Bates Dance Festival (USA) where they performed a creation called The Way of The Women. In 2007 she was invited by Asia Pacific Europe (ASEF) to attend a workshop entitled “Pointe to Point” in Beijing, China.

"Wajah" (Faces)

"Faces" by Hartati, the portrait of urban Minang society, within the cultural context of travelling away from homeland to make it big in the city, as an economic motor of a city's lower income bracket. Bringing its self perception of democracy, religion and harmony; where family becomes the main motivator to conquer the big city.