Ika Nurdita Larasati

Ika Nurdita Larasati, an art-fanatic, was born at November 11, 1988. Graduated from Surakarta Art Institute in West Java, Indonesia this art-lover actively participates as a dancer in Puro Mangkunegaran. She also expands herself into choreography, art-event managing and art works creation.

She was involved in art activities such as Amazing Buddha for Buddhist Waisak Celebration, Reog the Spirit of Indonesia, Ant (with choreographer John America), Matahati (debuted at Esplanade, Singapore) and many more. She was also involved in art-communities such as Studio Taksu, Independent Expression, Solo Dance Studio, Sanggar Manira Tari, D’Nio Dance, and Sapu Jagat (as stage crew). Moreover, she has created several such as Blasphemy (2008), Malih (2010), Batas Sekat (2010), Tanpa Batas (2011), and Bunda (2012).


The dance Bunda shows a mother-daughter interaction, in which a wise loving mother tries to raise her daughter to be a useful person in the future. The dance depicts the sincerity, openness and simplicity of a mother, who can be a harbour of protection for the daughter to talk about happy and sad thoughts. No matter how the daughter may hurt her feelings, the mother will always love and give full attention to her. Dear Mother, you have always given me love and prayer. Forgive your daughter who has been so egoistical and proud, that she forgets all of your sacrifices. Forgive your daughter, Mother.


Choreographer: Ika Nurdita Larasati S.Sn; Dancer: Iik Suryani S.Sn, Ika Nurdita Larasati S.Sn; Composer: Makchulan Baihaqi; Musicians: Joko Sarsito BA, Bagus Tri Wahyu Utomo, Sigit Pratama, Rahma Adikawati S.Sn; Lighting: Zanudhimas Safrudin; Artistic: Ali Maksum, Yanuar; Costume: Erika Dianingtyas S.Sn.