Indra Zubir

Indra Zubir’s Indra Zubir’s Contemporary Dance was founded in 1999 under the name of INZDanceProduction at Utan Kayu Theatre, performing three solo performances of 3 Works titled “Insan, Sansai and Saat”, in an event organized by students of IKJ Performing Arts Management.

The Indra Zubir’s Contemporary Dance created contemporary, explorative experimental dance arts, based on Indonesian traditional dance genre, modern dance techniques and popular dance, combining theatrical and musical elements into the choreography. At present, the group has created 25 dance repertoire performed in various contemporary dance events and solo performances in Jakarta and several cities in Indonesia. The range of works include dance choreography titled “Insan”, “Sansai”, “Saat”, “Liuk, the Next Trance”, “Jamaah Cyber”, “Triple D, a Three Generation Dance”, “Baca”, “Ratok”, “Asmara (Love)”, “Candu” (literally means “Opium”), and “Paradox and the Morning Star”.

In 2007, INZDanceProduction was invited to Singapore by Utan Kayu Community to perform at the National Museum of Singapore together with four other choreographers in a five piece performance titled “New Dance in Indonesia”. The group was selected as one of the performers in the “4 Indonesian Choreographer” show, as the Grand Opening of the First Salihara Festival in 2008. The performance was a two chapter work titled “Paradox and the Morning Star”, a movement interpretation of a poem written by Goneawan Mohammad.

At present, the group in now preparing of a Three City Performance Tour to be held in December 2013 in Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Solo, presenting a an urban-mix dance choreography titled “Saat Hampa” (Void Moments) as a part of 2013 Art Management Grant, as well as preparing a new work titled “Somnabulis” for a contemporary dance performance at Indonesia Kaya Gallery