Kayon is an Indonesian neo ethno - jazz trio. The band led by an excellent pianist, Indra Lesmana with the other prominent members, Gilang Ramadhan on drums and Pra Budi Dharma on bass.

These three musicians have been friends and done many records in different projects since early 80’s. One of the signature music careers they have done together with the other musicians was in group called “ Krakatau “ that received acknoledgement in popular music.

The trio project started in 1986 exploring Advant-garde Jazz and Free Jazz. In 1993 the trio project decided to have their independent recording project of their originals and released the album titled “ Lost Forest “. The group was called “ P.I.G “ ( stands for their first capital names : Pra - Indra - Gilang ).

In 2007, Indra Lesmana received an invitation to performed in Berlin, Germany - Asia Pacific Festival at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Indra brought the trio to represent Asian Bop. He then called the band to have another recording with new concept that involve the elements of Indonesian ethno music ( from Balinese, Jakarta, East Javanese, Sundanese, Aceh, Papua ), modern jazz with approach in Advand-garde Jazz that feature structured improvisation and harmonic rhytmic.

The group then formed a new name called “ Kayon “ and released their limited indie album called “ Tree of Life “ consisted of 8 songs written by Indra Lesmana : “ First Dawn “, “ East Cost of Java “, “ Panghareupan “, , “ Little Jakarta “, “ Mademato Kawaki Sawosi “, “ Mumang “, “ Makepung “ and “ Kayon “.

The name of Kayon was inspired by the Javanese traditional tree-shaped puppet Kayon or also known as gunungan that symbolized tree of life.