Melki Jemri Edison Neolaka

Melki Jemri Edison Neolaka or Jimmy is the up and coming choreographer from East Nusa Tenggara. He was raised by artistic parents and grew up in an artistic surroundings. After finishing his education at the Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta, he immediately announced his presence in performing art world in Indonesia by participating in various dance and performing art events, which led to him winning an arts grant for innovative performance from Kelola Foundation. He was the choreographer for Pentas Akbar Gema Khatulistiwa in Yogyakarta, the director of “Senja di Balik Layar” opera, a performance made to show concern on natural disasters in Indonesia. He was also selected as the best choreographer for the Final Assignment at the ISI Yogyakarta. He has collaborated with the famous Didik Ninik Thowok for the Opening of National Student Sports Week and was the choreographer for the mass dance (Ja’i) for the Centennial Celebration of Muhammadiyah.

Jimmy’s personal crusade is to develop and preserve East Nusa Tenggara culture and arts, promoting the into national and, when possible, international world. For him, art is not just art, but it is an occupation that could bring him all over Indonesia and the world. His ambition is to present East Nusa Tenggara influenced performing art for international audience.

“Mumso Nok Tua”

A dance that shows the activity of making and selling tuak in East Nusa Tenggara, Jimmy, a young choreographer from East Nusa Tenggara, awardee of arts grant from Kelola-Hivos 2010 for performing arts, combine traditional and modern taste in “Mumso Nok Tua’. He combines the cheerful dance of East Nusa Tenggara with agile Salsa dance. To balance the energic movements, he uses satin fabrics with Rote pattern and Haik, traditional tuak containers, as performance properties and accessories. “Mumso Nok Tua” will entertain the audiences with lithe and graceful movements of the dancers.