Mugiyono Kasido

Mugi Dance is a performing arts community initiated by Mugiyono Kasido. The community is a mixture of choreographers, dancers, actors, musicians, shadow puppet masters, visual artists and designers. Mugi Dance aims to develop Javanese tradition and Indonesian contemporary arts by creating contemporary dances based on Javanese traditional arts, which are then developed into personal expressions. Mugiyono Kasido (Mugi) was raised as a son of a shadow puppet master. He was trained as a classical Javanese dancer and studied performing arts formally in schools and informally from masters such as R. Ng. Rono Suript, Suprapto Suryodarmo and Sardono W. Kusumo. His first choreography debut was “Mati Suri”, which received Best Performer Creative Dance, in 1992. From then, various works have been produced and performed in Indonesia and worldwide. He was also involved in collaborative projects, which such as Some Shine (Germany, England, Israel, and Indonesia), Or Local (Indonesia, England, the Netherlands, and Germany) and Mask Dance Symbosia Project (Indonesia and Thailand). He has collaborated with artists from the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, USA, France and Japan.


A meeting between the real me and the false me, between body and soul, concrete body and shadow body, in scenes of life’s journey. This is a contemporary performance combining shadow puppetry, dance and wayang orang, accompanied with a combination of gamelan music and electric guitar. Exploration of the shadow of life is heightened with the use of the plenthong (the traditional lamp for shadow puppet performance). The songs are performed in Javanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia


Choreographer: Mugiyono Kasido; Dancers: Mugiyono Kasido, Marvel Gracia; Composer: Dedek Wahyudi; Musicians: Dedek Wahyudi, Sunardi Cs, Gregorianto; Manager: Nuri Aryati.