Papermoon Theatre

Indonesia’s Papermoon Puppet Theatre has transformed puppets the way graphic novels changed comics: Taking a popular form too often dismissed as child’s play and making it intellectually challenging, emotionally chilling, and visually bold.

Think Maus, not Muppets. They are extra ordinary!
-(Center Stage, USA, 2012)

Papermoon Puppet Theatre is a Yogyakarta based puppet company blending fine arts and theater through the medium of puppetry. Papermoon’s performances use a whimsical and intimate style to explore deep and controversial themes in Indonesia’s history, along with the challenges Indonesian children and adults face in their everyday life. Their puppetry form stems from two puppetry arts, shadow puppetry, a traditional Indonesian art form often found in Java and Bali and doll puppetry, generally aimed for children and children stories. Not only making pieces for the stage, Papermoon Puppet Theatre explores new ways to engage with the public through site specific puppet installations, surprising and delighting Indonesian audiences at bus stops, in villages and markets. Papermoon projects have a strong educational ethos, and have undertaken workshops for people of all ages encouraging them to build their own performances around social and personal issues. By using puppets as media, Papermoon hopes that they can unearth more stories often buried deep in the memories of Indonesian older generation, to be revealed to the younger generation. Papermoon Puppet Theatre was established seven years ago by Maria Tri Sulistyani (Founder and Director) and Iwan Effendi (Artistic Director)