is an Indonesian musician born in Aceh, who is well know all over the world for his masterpieces that express themes of peace, environment and religion.

Born on 1 August 1967 in Samadua southern Aceh, Rafly was previously an elementary school teacher in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri. After eight years in education, Rafly began to immerse himself in the world of music when in 2001 he formed a band with his close friends. Named Kande, the band's genre of slow rock released two albums called Seulanga and Meukondroe, and their ethnic songs took them to play as far as London and Scotland.

When Aceh was hit by a tsunami in 2004, killing 250'000 Acehnese, Rafly lost everything yet he did not give up. He stirred himself up and continued his creative endeavours, putting up concerts in every victim camp, uplifting the hearts and instilling hope in each of the life he touched.

Rafly's journey is filled with solo as well as collaborative concerts. His high social awareness, towards the people, the preservation of environment and religion, makes him a likely candidate when he was awarded the title of Aceh Peace Ambassador in a special concert sponsored by world organisations such the International Organization For Migration, Japan Foundation, USAID and the European Union.

In 2010, Rafly was joined by national jazz musicians to form a musical group named rafly wa saja. The group is made up of five musicians, their songs are themed around religion, with soulful ballads of unique jazz Malayan Aceh taste. With a rich vocal texture, Rafly's name soared as more and more sought his collaboration including the famous national jazz artist Dwiki Dharmawan. In the world of jazz, he has been in numerous Java Jazz festivals in 2006, 2012 and North Sumatra Jazz festival in Medan in 2012, in addition to many others.

Rafly' musicology includes

Kande Album 1 Seulanga; First Solo album Hasan husein; Second Solo album Ainal mardhiah; Solo album special edition Muara teduh; Kande Album 2 Meukondroe; Third Solo album Syurga firdaus; Forth Solo album Wasiet keu aneuk.