Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia

Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia, led by composer Rino Deza Paty, started turning out tunes in 2001. Their music revolves around a traditional Melayu style specific to their island namesake. Around 90% of the music played by him, along with Viogy and Violano Rupiyanto, Aristofani, Reizki Habibbullah, Cendra Putra Yanis, Giring Fitrah, and Tito Aldila Mby, is original.

In their first year of inception, RRCI was able to secure 3rd Place for their music at the International Folklore Festival in Agrigento, Italy. With a great deal of hard work as well as support from a wide array of fellow musicians, both locally and abroad, RRCI has since been blessed with many other rich experiences. Among these was the opportunity to fly out to South Korea in order to perform at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival in 2008. Then, only last year, they were honored as traditional performers by the Culture and Tourism Department of Riau Province. This year, they have now moved up to become the harmony program music director and producer for the department.


There are four notable pieces of work originated by the Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia, all of which are all inspired by their region and deeply touching. In Hoyak Tacobuar, the strain of tones and dynamics combine in a flowing tide voicing advice alongside warnings to unite body and soul. Nandung Si Talang, meanwhile, specifically follows the intense life of the Talang tribe, whose humming and chants fill the morning, afternoon and evening in witness to the awe-inspiring nature around them. With the strings of the short-necked lute being plucked so melodically, Dentang, Denting, Dentum perfectly illustrates the warmth of family and the lively community atmosphere. The final piece, Lukah GilaI, or “crazy fish trap,” was inspired by a folk game from the Riau islands and coastal areas which is conducted when the fishing harvest arrives. It is a game where mantras are chanted repeatedly to summon spirits to enter the fish trap, which then sways rhythmically to the thunderous beat of the drums until it finally drops to the earth, ending the game.