Simak Dialog

Simak Dialog is an ethno-progressive jazz music group that has been around the Indonesian jazz scene for 20 years and released six albums. The latest, The 6th Story emphasized the pronounced rhythm of the kendang along with familiar structure and harmony. This album was released in Indonesia first in 2012 at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta and later at GoetheHaus Jakarta with an enthusiastic response.

Riza Arshad (pianist/composer) established the group with Arie Ayunir (drummer) in 1993, with Tohpati Ario Hutomo (guitarist) joining in the same year. In 2001 they were joined by Adhitya Pratama (bassist), Cucu Kurnia (metal toys), Endang Ramdan (Sundanese drum/kendang Sunda 1) and Elran Suwardana (Sundanese drum 2) when the group flavoured their music with kendang Sunda (Sundanese drum), which later became the simakDialog signature.

Riza saw that kendang has more richness in its rhythm pattern and gave a certain Indonesian music flavor that would enrich the world of jazz music. Kendang was first used in simakDialog’s third album, “Trance/Mission”, a change process that creates a trance sound, a heady mixture of joy, pride, confusion and surprise. However, “Patahan” is the first album that completely replaced the use of drums with kendang Sunda, unlike “Trance/Mission” that still has drum nuances.

Simak Dialog have performed in the Kathmandu Jazz Fest 2004 and 2010, in a solo concert at Petronas Philharmonic Building and in Miri Jazz Fest 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, and Jazzahead in Bremen.

Discography of simakDialog

“Lukisan” – 1995; “Baur” – 1999; “Trance/Mission” – 2002; “Patahan” - 2005; “Demi Masa” – 2009; “The 6th Story” – 2012