Komunitas Wayang Suket

Slamet Gundono, selected suket (grass) for its simplicity and strong resilience, as the perfect media to convey his perspective of life and how it should be lived. Trained in the art of pedalangan or shadow puppetering at the Indonesian College of Arts and Theatre at the Jakarta Institute of Art, Slamet uses his wayang as a base for his theatrical art, sending messages through dialogues and songs, gently criticizing social phenomena, jostling people awake from their middle class dreams. By actively involving his audiences in his shows, Slamet challenges the rigidity of wayang shows, affirming his beliefs that an artist never finishes searching for the true art. Together with other artists, Sosiawan Leak and Hanindawan, he created Komunitas Wayang Suket. His works are fluid, adaptable, ready to be performed by three or thirty performers, for fifteen minutes or three hours, using only one musical instrument or a complete ensemble. The shows are based on Mahabarata stories, but infused with contemporary issues and life.

“Julung Sungsang”

What happens if suddenly we are placed in a labyrinth, with no clear direction, where everything is an anomaly? An interpretation of Mahabarata story, an anomaly star, called Julung Sungsang, shows an era where everything is upside down and out of place, when the system is so destroyed, so difficult to read, it needs Kalabendono, a toxic being who actually could cure all the broken, layered, ambiguous journey of the world. Kalabedono will recalibrate our compass, an honest, unassuming entity that destroys the made up, shadowed world and shows us the right way to the Master Puppeteer.


Storymaster/Director: Ki Slamet Gundono; Artists: Owot; Music: SukEtnic ensamble; Musicians: Sri Waluyo, Joko Nugroho, Philipus Theatre Setiawan, Catur Sugiarto, Jari, Cristhoper, Ambyah Insani, Agung Nugroho; Dancers: Indah Panca; Stage Crew: Mas Kis; Production Manager: Honggo Utomo.