Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute

Teater Garasi is an interdisciplinary artist collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which explores and creates possibilities in performing arts creation as part of an attempt to read, unveil, and understand changes in our ever-transforming world. Established in 1993, Teater Garasi was built on the belief that performing arts is a way to process and produce knowledge and to dialectically engage with the socio-political environment. Their innovative work was recognised with the Prince Claus Laureate in 2013, which was awarded, among other things, “for their adventurous spirit and groundbreaking work in stimulating performance arts in South East Asia.”

Reflecting their innovative approach, they have also started a not-for-profit initiative to effect a change in their local and regional community. Their project, Garasi Performance Institute, is committed to the creation and development of fresh and authentic works that are based on the study of existing traditions of performing arts, juxtaposing them with the medium and the taste of the contemporary scene. Garasi Performance Institute has worked with various local, national, and international organizations.