Ul-Daul “Lendhu Sagara”, Madura

Hailing from a small fishing village on the northern coast of Madura, this group from Ambunten in Sumenep Regency decided to name themselves Lendhu Sagara, meaning “stormy seas.” This large collection of youths fittingly favors ul-dhaul or tong-tong, a carnival-type music created by an orchestral band of percussion and wind instruments. Standing on a colorful, ornamental carriage that has been lit up, they play a line-up of traditional Madura songs and pop on self-made instruments comprising of discarded items. It clearly shows a style that reflects the dynamic, enthusiastic and cooperative nature of their people.

While this type of music originally stemmed from collective community efforts in the late nineties to wake people in the early hours during Ramadhan, Lendhu Segara came together in 2005. It comes as no surprise to find that Lendhu Segara are often invited to represent Madura and East Java on a variety of stages. In fact, in 2009 they were the envoys for the province of East Java to the Cultural Festival Parade at the Palace, and were awarded 2nd Best Performance after Bali.