Airport transfers are included in registration. Please advise us of your flight schedule on the registration form.

Should there be changes to your flights please notify Putri Kesuma, +62 812 36776119

All ground transport from hotel to venues and performances is included in registration. Details of departure times and pick up locations will be supplied in the information pack received during registration on the 13th November.


IPAM has nominated hotels in Kemang, Jakarta. These hotels are in the most convenient location to our venues and within close walking distance from our late night music lounge. We will secure all hotel bookings - just nominate your preference on the registration form.

Grand Kemang Hotel ****

  • Deluxe Room USD 110.00 per night includes breakfast and tax/service charge
  • Grand Deluxe Room USD 125.00 per night includes breakfast and tax/service charge
  • More about Grand Kemang Hotel

All transport to and from IPAM venues will depart and return from these hotels.
Transportation queries: Maria Yovieta

Health notices and tips

Top tips for health and wellbeing:
  • Only drink bottled water - tap water is unsafe to drink due to the levels of bacteria and high concentration of heavy metal pollution. Bottled water will be supplied at all IPAM locations.
  • Use only bottled water to wash fruits and vegetables and to brush teeth
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Wear mosquito repellent – repellant will be supplied with delegate information pack on arrival
  • Seek our advice before eating street food including uncooked food such as cut fruit.
  • Vaccinations
Link to Australian medical advice for Indonesia

Most travelers to Indonesia get vaccinated against Hep A, Hep B and typhoid fever. Malaria is extremely rare in cities, however there is currently a dengue fever outbreak that is best avoided by use of mosquito repellant.


  • Jakarta is a tropical city and jackets and woolens will not be needed. Long sleeve shirts, pants and skirts are useful particularly in the evenings to minimize exposure to mosquitoes.
  • Dress code for the opening event and a dinner at City Hall is smart casual


Many Indonesians do not drink alcohol but many also do. All alcoholic drinks other than beer, especially wine, are very expensive so it is worth considering carrying a duty free limit which is two bottles of wine or one litre of spirits (if you don’t drink it we will surely find an appreciative recipient in Indonesia).


Most meals will be provided and additionally IPAM will recommend a number of high quality eateries. During the four days you will be able to sample a variety of regional Indonesian cuisines.


Kemang is a premium retail, dining and nightlife precinct. It is the home of local designer shops, bookshops and good coffee. Both hotels are located in easy walking distance from our opening night venue Payon restaurant and our late night IPAM club Redwhite Jazz Lounge.

Personal safety

Violent street crime is extremely rare but you are advised to manage wallets and valuables to avoid possible pickpockets. Hotels are secure and provide appropriate storage of valuables.


Jakarta traffic is legendary but the IPAM schedule has been arranged to minimize time spent in traffic jams.

  • You should look in all directions at all times when crossing the road, normal road rules are not adhered to. Do not be surprised if vehicles approach in the wrong direction in one-way streets and traffic lanes.
  • Do not assume that zebra crossings are anything beyond decoration.
  • Strictly avoid crossing main roads through busways where busses and illegal traffic travel fast. Walk to overpass instead.
  • If catching a taxi use only IPAM recommended taxi companies, Bluebird, Silverbird, Taksiku and Green Taksi.


Internet access
Hotels, cafes and most IPAM venues provide free wi fi.

Mobile phones
International roaming is available but may be expensive. Whatsapp is free SMS option that is popular and commonly used in Indonesia. We suggest you download it. Local SIM cards are cheap, around US $25 will probably get you through the four days. If you would like us to pre-purchase a SIM card on your behalf for you to collect on arrival please email: Dian Putri


Indonesian Rupiah approximate conversions:
USD $1 = IDR 11,000
AUD 1 = IDR 11,000
EURO = IDR 15,500
GBP = IDR 17, 500
JP YEN = IDR 115

ATMs with visa, cirrus, plus and maestro are readily available and are at airport arrival terminals. Most charge around US $5 per withdrawal and will generally dispense a maximum of IDR 2 000 000. We recommend using ATMs rather than currency exchanges in cash or travelers cheques. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, department stores etc.