Photo: Dinda Intan

IPAM Plenary Seminar

Traveling South East

The first quarter of the twentieth century will not be remembered in human history for 9/11but for the rise of China and India [and Indonesia], an event as momentous as the coming of the Renaissance or the Industrial Revolution in the west.

- Larry Summers

Now in the second decade in the 21st century, the relationship between the major Asian powers and what we used to call the developed world is entering a new phase. Does the rise of Asia in what is being described as "the Asian Century" have implications for those programming festivals and performing art centres in Europe and North America?

Do festival directors and programmers in the developed North, apply different curatorial criteria when they present work from the developing South? Do words like ‘exotic, colourful and cultural’ still have currency and does the term ‘Asian’ applied to performing arts imply that Asian performance occupies a different place in the international landscape from European or American performance?

Are we as artistic gatekeepers part of a web of influences determining the way our societies transact with the world? Indeed is this our responsibility or do we simply programme what we consider to be ‘the best work’?

Can Indonesia, the worlds fourth biggest country, be fairly described as invisible on the international performing arts stage? If so, where does the blame lie – in the minds of foreign curators or are Indonesians themselves complicit in their own invisibility?

IPAM Group Seminars

International touring Seminar for Indonesian artists and producers

Seminar Facilitator – Sherrie Johnson, leading North American performing arts and film producer, curator, programmer and director. Reciprocate of Canada Council for the Arts' John Hobday Award for outstanding arts management.

In this seminar a panel of international festival directors and presenters will be discussing how Indonesian artists and producers may best promote and package their work for international markets. This includes advice on negotiating contracts with international presenters and seeking funding support for flights and preparation costs. It will also cover the management of international tours including technical specifications, freight and visas.

This seminar is focused on international touring opportunities which are of direct benefit to Indonesian artists, by either creating direct revenue through performance fees or creating promotional opportunities leading to further international touring such performing in fringe festivals and performing arts markets.

Conducted in English and Bahasa Indonesia with an interpreter present

Seminar for International festival directors and presenters interested in presenting and/or investing in Indonesian performing arts

This seminar is conducted by a panel consisting of Indonesian artists and producers with substantial previous experience of international touring along with international presenters who have previously presented a significant amount of Indonesian work.

The discussion is based on the premise that Indonesian performing artists are under-represented on international stages dealing with obstacles facing international presenters contemplating presenting international work.

Topics covered include:
  • How to identify suitable work
  • Issues involved in presenting the work of artists and groups that have little previous experience in international touring, including potential problems in technical preparation, provision of promotional materials, contract negotiation and lack of competency in languages other than Bahasa Indonesia
  • Opportunities for investment in new work and collaboration
  • Potential sources of support for international tours of Indonesian artists
  • Issues around presenting language-based work including preparation of surtitles and programme notes

Local Programmers

Indonesia is a nation with an enormous diversity of both traditional and contemporary arts practice. This seminar is based on the premise that professional standard arts practice will benefit enormously from an active network of national touring such as exists in many overseas countries – this has potential benefits for audiences being able to experience work from around their nation, for artists getting their work to wider audiences, and for local artists being able to experience what artists in other parts of Indonesia are doing.

The seminar is conducted by Indonesian presenters who are already presenting work from other parts of Indonesia and by foreign presenters who are actively engaged in national touring networks within their own countries. The seminar will discuss the potential benefits of greater intra-national touring and what can be done to enable local presenters to present a greater diversity of performances from various parts of the archipelago. This seminar focuses particularly on professional standard work, contemporary work and traditional work being pursued at a dedicated elite level. It aims to address touring beyond folkloric festivals, pesta rakyat’s and carnivals.